Services and Rates

All surveys are performed to ABYC and NFPA standards and follow US Code of Federal Regulations.

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Types of Surveys

This is the most thorough and comprehensive inspection and is a must when you’re buying a boat, new or used. This survey covers condition and value as well as overall operation of the vessel and its systems. The vessel is examined in and out of the water for structural integrity. The electrical systems, propulsion systems and electronics are inspected and an assessment about general maintenance and cosmetic appearance is made. If sufficient conditions exist, an electronic Moisture Analysis of the hull is performed along with an operating Sea Trial.

A base fee of $40 plus:

Vessels to 33 feet                      –    $15 per foot ($295 minimum)
Vessels from 34 to 42 feet       –    $17 per foot
Vessels 43 feet and up              –    $19 per foot

This type of survey is usually requested periodically by your insurance company to allow them to determine if the vessel is an acceptable insurance risk. They also want to know the vessel’s current fair market value as well as replacement cost.

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Appraisal Inspection
This is normally performed to gather enough information to determine a fair market value usually used to settle an estate, vessel donation, divorce or legal case.

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Performed after an accident or damage to the vessel from mother nature. This survey will normally determine the extent of the damages and helps in acquiring estimates for repair. You should have the surveyor continue to work for you after the initial inspection to be sure all repairs are carried out properly.

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  • Corrosion analysis
  • Selecting a new vessel
  • Outfitting a new vessel
  • Onboard education/orientation
  • State and Federal compliance
  • Repair/refit coordination

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