Winter Warmth Aboard, Sometimes a Little Too Hot

With Seattle winter in full swing and a couple of cold snaps of snow already in the log book it pays to talk about space heaters.  It is common for boat owners to use cheap little electric heaters to keep their boat interior dry and to prevent frozen pipes.  The fire department and your insurance agency would like to remind you that plugging in a space heater into a power strip not rated for such high amp loads is a highly risky action.


Power strips aside, any space heater should be of high quality, have a wide and stable base, should shut off automatically when tipped over, and not be a risk for falling paper or other combustible goods catching fire.

As a surveyor and a former US Coast Guard marine investigator, I have seen all too many of the cheap foreign space heaters catch fire all on their own.  The culprit of these fires was not what you would think (the heater element) but rather the overheating of the poorly constructed printed circuit board which controls the unit.  So I would recommend that you get a high quality unit or better yet intall a marine electric heater system onboard to maximize safety.

Happy boating!!